Painting – Covers a wide range of projects, products, and finishes

  • Exterior – The best local house painters know how to prep the outside of your building
  • Interior – A high quality professional home painter is what you want. One that will cover and protect your interior belongings during the process.

Exterior painting is often needed as a result of the weather. The sun, heat, cold, rain, and wind all take its toll on the outside a building. Sometimes you just need a little freshening up here and there, but in extreme cases you will have to have the entire outside of the building power washed, scraped, and primed before it can be properly painted.

Interior painting is usually needed because of the wear and tear a home goes through during daily life. It could be from the kids, the pets, or even from someone smoking in the house. These projects could be just the walls or ceilings in one room, or the entire house needs a fresh coat of paint. Many people decide to save a little money by re doing their kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat or a color change.

  • Oil Paint – Is the is the best where durability and adhesion is a concern
  • Latex Paint – Is the easiest to apply and clean up
  • Primer – Only needed for bare surfaces or where bonding is a concern

For most projects latex is the way to go. It is very easy to apply and clean up is a breeze with just warm water. Also with todays new formulas latex is just as durable as oil in most situations. Plus it dries in minutes instead of hours like most oil paints.

  • Flat – This type of paint has a dull almost chalk like appearance
  • Satin – Has a slight sheen to it, but is also washable
  • Semi Gloss – Most commonly used on doors and trim
  • High Gloss – Almost only used on trim

Picking the right finish for your home project is crucial for it to turn out right. In almost all cases a lower gloss finish is going to look better and show less defects in your walls or wood work. A good painter or the paint store will be able to steer you in the right direction.